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Our Compay has been manufacturing all kinds of industrial safety products and leather gloves with a promise of high quality since 2008. Our work is based on experience and innovation to achieve the best quality products from the manufacturing stage.



With comprehensive experience in industrial hazards, Byzentium Enterprises designs and manufactures all types of gloves (mechanical, cut-resistant, Tig/MIG Welding, Gardening, Electrical…) to ensure comfort, safety, and total adaptability to the workplace.

Whatever your industry, whatever you have to handle, Byzentium Enterprises has a specialist glove to offer maximum protection and comfort.



Ashkin was formed in the year 2012 and is acknowledged as one of the leading designers, developers & manufacturers of Technical Work Wears. As manufacturers, we have the flexibility to work closely with clients if they require a custom-built product, corporate, branding, etc to fulfill the need of their industry while ensuring compliance with the relevant standard


We are producing Leather excellent varieties of COW & BUFFALO, GOAT, and SHEEP for garments, Shoes Upper, belts, bags, and Upholstery. The Tannery is being run by highly qualified technicians with the latest and most advanced technologies, which is regarded the world over.
Over time, our leather business has grown in different countries such as Canada, Hungary, the UK, Russia, Japan, the USA, France, Spain, Poland, Germany, and many other countries around the world.



At Ardour we offer the best boxing equipment for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Our wide selection of boxing supplies brings you the most trusted brands. We manufacture Boxing Equipment, Punching bags, MMA, and Fitness apparel.

Safety Shoes


Safety shoes are an important part of workplace safety equipment. Having Experience in leather and safety products, We Started working to manufacture safety shoes in 2021.

We have developed different articles in safety, Moter Bike Shoes, and Casual and seeking success in these fields too.

Premium Quality Welding Gloves

Wide range of Mig and Tig Gloves

At Byzentium Enterprise, Welding Gloves are manufacturers in Premium Goat / Cow Leather which offers durable protection and excellent tactility. ANSI A6 Cut protection is achieved with a Para Aramid lining for unbeatable cut resistance, dexterity, and comfort. Most gloves have Level 3 Abrasion and Puncture resistance.

Boxing Traning Equipment

Complete Range of Boxing Equipment

From Top To To Toe, We manufacture Top Quality Boxing Equipments. Keep your Boxing Gears list up to date with ADROUR Collections.


Maintaining balance with each stitch

We understand that FR and PPE clothing should look and feel as good as it protects. Every skin, line, Label, configuration, feature and functionality we create is purposefully designed based on first-hand feedback. We make have to Wears, Want To Wears.


Excellence in every design that we make

Byzentium Produces truly amazing leathers for the footwear market, Garments, Bags, and all kinds of leather goods applications. We supply various sizes of leather in both cow and Buffalo in normal soft Nappa effects and also smooth finished leather, as well as vegetable-tanned leather for handbags and other ranges.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Safety fits like a glove

Our Cut Resistant glove is constructed and combines a Cut Level A5 with durability and comfort. The TPR provides impact protection. Leather has natural abrasion-resistant properties and a high level of tensile strength. That increases the glove’s flexibility, creating greater control when handling and gripping objects.

Talented & Professional

Crafting Safety, Fostering Unity: With Hands-On Dedication, Our Team Commits to Excellence in Every Stitch

Ijaz Ahmed

Ijaz Ahmed


Zain UL Abideen

Zain UL Abideen


Nabeel Latif

Nabeel Latif

Business Development Executive

Komal Javaid

Komal Javaid

Sales Coordinator



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